We are all familiar with advertising and we are also familiar with the small print that you can hardly see nor does it remain on screen long enough to read or else you can hardly see it due to blending in nicely with the background.

The terms unlimited is still one issue that tricks people the most when in fact its not unlimited,its capped and under an FUP clause,which means fair usage policy.

Complaint No 1

Hutchison 3G Ireland




The television advertisement for Hutchison 3G Ireland referred to the following:

“Right now with Three you get everything for only €29.59 a month. That’s all calls, all texts and all data for less than €30. Terms and conditions apply…”

The voiceover to the advertisement was accompanied with the following onscreen text in large print:

“All calls, all texts, all data, everything only €29.95 a month.”

Smaller text contained within a footnote at the bottom of the screen then offered the following information:

“30 days minimum term. Fair usage applies to calls and text. €29.95 for each of the first three months. €39.75 thereafter. Sim only. See three.ie.”

The complainant expressed concern at not being able to read the small on-screen text. He considered that as the text was too small for him to read that he was unable to access the full details of the offer.

Full report HERE


Complaint No 2


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Medium Television & Press
A television advertisement for eMobile’s Unlimited Plan featured a character attempting to use the full allowance of the eMobile Unlimited Plan.
The advertisement stated:

“Meet Dave, Head of Plan Proving at eMobile from Eircom. This month, Dave is proving just how unlimited eMobile’s unlimited plan is. Unfortunately for Dave, eMobile’s unlimited plan gives you more minutes than there are in a month, and more texts than you could possibly send, all to any network, for just €39 a month for eircom customers. So, unlike Dave, you’ll have nothing to worry about.”

The on-screen text stated:
“10,000 any network texts, 45,000 any network minutes”
“Subject to 18 months contracts on eMobile unlimited + data and homephone/broadband. See emobile.ie for terms.”

“Unlilmited calls & texts + 5BG data, €39 a month. eMobile. Go-instore, 1800 303 255, eMobile .ie”

The press advertisement stated:

“No one can beat our Unlimited plan (not even Dave)
45,000 minutes; 10,000 texts + 5GB data
only €39 a month for eircom customers
And check out our great range of smartphones

Go in-store; 1800-303-205”

Footnote: “Subject to 18 month contracts on eMobile Unlimited + data and homephone/broadband. Fair usage of 45,000 any network minutes monthly applies, that’s more minutes than there are in a month! Plus 10,000 any network texts monthly. Excludes roaming, international, premium rate and non-geographic usage. See emobile.ie”

The complainant viewed the advertising and signed up to eMobile on an 18 month contract, however, he has not been able to avail of the full service due to coverage problems in his area (Navan). The complainant noted that the advertising did not alert prospective customers to any coverage issues and he therefore considered that the advertising was misleading.

Full report HERE

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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