Three Ireland (3) are not stocking the Nokia Lumia 930 for now. #Nokia #Ireland

Yesterday we seen that 02,Vodafone and Meteor are going to be selling the Nokia Lumia 930 next month,No prices are given but we know they are coming.

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On boards,ie today the big question was asked,and what was the reply..

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Have Three Ireland still got a chip on their shoulder with Nokia?

Recently they did stock some of the Nokia Lumia range but this is gradually dwindling away…Hopefully when the deal goes through things will change offering customers more choice,currently Three have mostly Samsung in their handset portfolio and also like to promote Apple along with Samsung.

Balance is needed,not selected phones suggested to its potential customers.


This response from the verified rep from Three does not exactly give us a definite answer but its an answer non the less,just before anyone else decides to pick up on this,similar to other posts of late regarding Nokia products and making it so obvious.


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