Vodafone Ireland say YES to the Nokia Lumia 930. #Nokia #Ireland

The Nokia Lumia 930 is the next high end handset to hit the stores after the 635 low end handset this year,its expected around July.

There is much anticipation on the 930 for some and disappointment for others again this comes down to what one wants in a device.


Some complain about the lack of glance screen and no micro SD slot and some think its built like the iPhone,but hey we all have our preferences and we are all entitled to them..

Below is a screenshot from one of our favorite sites boards.ie and we in fact know the guy who asked the question too who is also a big Lumia fan..

This is confirmed now by a Vodafone agent.

Screenshot (9)

Stay tuned for updates on the 930.


On another note Meteor Ireland do not plan to stock the 930 we knew this some time back anyway but here is the proof,verified by a meteor agent.



Source 1

Source 2



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    1. Yeah they also said no on the forum I have a pending post on this.Strange one alright.

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