Having using and owning the HTC one (M7) which was voted the best handset last year we eagerly awaited the arrival of the new model for 2014.Despite all the leaks which is common today i said its more of the same only slightly rounded some more on the corners plus another camera and new features,i was somewhat left saying all manufacturers are continuing the same style throughout the range,but once i got using the device it was a different experience,sadly i cant compare both as i did have a review written up of the HTC one M7, which happened to vanish into thin air,Anyway moving on from there lets have a look..


The 2014 model has again come in the same packaging as before,flat styled box rounded corners which coincide with the phones edges,its a nicely designed presentation and the inside of the package also remains unchanged one year on from the previous version..


To my surprise this time the HTC one 2014 came with a gel type case which i love and it fitted like a glove,and also many operators did not like this idea as they could not sell cases to customers,but so what big deal,the case that came with it was perfect,which meant protection immediately out of the box and if i do say so a clever move by HTC and it should also reflect with other manufacturers which gives that extra bit if appeal in my opinion.


The HTC 2014 is bigger than the Galaxy S5 which is its main competitor Having had time with both devices together the quality of the HTC One surpasses the galaxy in every respect,the build,the feel,the quality,there is simply no competition here when it comes to the entire quality with the HTC One and to top it off the anodised aluminium finish,solid,smooth and feels great to hold,you know you have a premium device in your hand.


The cover that came with it pictured above is quality you can hardly notice it at all and feels great in hand..


The top of the phone holds the power key and the IR blaster,the power key has been moved more to the right which is welcome,last years model it was too far to the left and many found it awkward.


The bottom of the phone holds the USB port and headphone socket.good move there too having both external connections at same end of the phone.


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From above the device looks stunning,you can see how solid it looks and also the two speakers one on top and one on the bottom which has 20% more volume than the last model the sound is mind-blowing,when you attach headphones you will experience the best quality of sound you can imaging from a mobile phone,all depending on how good your headphones are.


The back of the device also looks great,sporting the htc logo,the two cameras and the dual LED flash and you can also see the joints,top and bottom,as in the previous model..



The right hand side holds the volume toggles and micro sd card,it takes up to 128GB.


The left hand side is only home to the sim card tray requiring a sim key to open,becoming more common today,personally i don’t like this method but it is not an issue.The HTC One M8 takes a nano sim by the way.


The benchmark result was very good compared to other devices on the market coming in slightly under the galaxy S5.

The HTC One M8 comes with HTC Sense UI v6 which i found nice to use ,running 4.4.2 its very fast,i found browsing on this much better than some other high end devices which is an added bonus for those who like to browse on the go or generally use their phone for browsing or social media activities.There was no lag either which i did find on the S5.

The camera Dual 4mp with ultrapixel technology was quite good,not as good as other phones there today but for the average consumer it will be ideal,i takes some great shots and has great editing software to spice up pics..Its not a camera for people who like to take photos all day or those who like superb images, but nonetheless its good.

Battery life was not bad although i feel in today’s terms a 2600 mAh battery just does not cut it,htc could of done better here with this,you need at least 3000 mAh realistically.

I manly use my phone for browsing and doing most daily tasks and the battery was my only really gripe,i am not a photo mad person either but like to take nice pictures,this done the job but there is better out there,overall its an evenly balanced phone that will suit most peoples daily needs and more,the screen size for me even though its bigger than its rival the GS5 i found it too small,don’t let that put you off, i am more custom to 6 inch screens and moving down to this size was not much pain but you can feel the difference,again it takes time to get used to but if a HTC One M8 max appears it would tick all the boxes.

One phone to watch out for that might suit is the HTC 816 due to arrive soon in the shops if screen size is important.

With lower specs and a lower cost this might be the device for you..





Fast,the best build on the market bar one,solid and looks great. Mindblowing sound.The IR blaster can be very useful and fun..


For some the non removable battery is a problem,get used to it folks its a growing trend,and it can be a bit slippy without the case which can lead to drops…lacks OIS,camera quality could be better along with battery longevity.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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