The all new HTC ONE M8 goes on sale shortly and today we have been lucky to get to see the device at first hand,we had not much time to play with the new HTC device yet as we are busy so here is a quick look at the device and we will have a review up soon…



The packaging is the same as the previous model identical in fact apart from contents.




The htc one M8 is a step up from the htc one 2013 its an all-over better device great feel and fits great in hand,we have the gun metal gray model…




The back of the device is so smooth its also shiny and contains the two cameras on top and flash…


The front is also great looking with the two speaker ports,loud and crisp,it did take some time to boot up for the first time and then to boooom form the speakers with the traditional start up tone..


Here is the menu screen,same as before quite fluid and fast and a nice UI and transitions..


Here is the htc one M8 just laid bare flat with its gel case that comes with the phone which is an excellent addition to package contents and this case is superb,its does not make the phone feel bigger and fits perfect,a big thumbs up form us there to add the gel case..



Here is the back of phone with the cover on,as you can see its very sleek and protects the cameras quite well they are below level and not flush nor protruding like some cases might offer..



The htc one M8 is bigger than its rival the galaxy S5 which here you can see side by side and the HTC M8 looks better,in every respect.

VIne unboxing



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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