Blend is a spice blend recipe app for the iPad. It features sixteen classic recipes from all over the world, making it the perfect introduction to preparing your own spice blends.


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Homemade spice blends are tasty, fresh and low-cost. They can be customised to your own taste. And best of all, they’re simple to make. And with our handy hints, videos and alerts for some of the trickier blends – it couldn’t be easier!

So stop buying packet mixes, download blend and start making your own!


16 spice blends from all around the world,
Custom macro photography,
Original Illustrations for each ingredient,
HD Videos

Lead Designer: Elizabeth Maybury,
Lead Developer: Eoin Doyle,


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The app focuses on creating your own custom spice blends. Featuring 16 recipes to suit a wide variety of dishes, the app emphasises the benefits of fresh homemade spice mixes over shop-bought packs.

The presentation is slick, with a clean design that fits in nicely with iOS7. The user is presented with “What would you like to blend?” and four spices per page, with name, recommended food types, a picture of the ingredients and a short description. This simple no fuss approach is great for getting straight to the recipes

Once a recipe is selected, the instructions are given in simple steps.

The user experience is pleasant and intuitive, making it easy to follow in the middle of the cooking.

The results were noticeably tastier than the equivalent in our spice rack and although time-consuming, there was a enough mix made for a number of dishes

A search function allows the user to search by food type and flavour theme (Indian, Italian etc,) giving quick access to the apps recommended blends.




The one element lacking was more information on each blend or even each spice, but the app never claimed to be the fountain of all spice knowledge. As an app that explains how to make different spice blends, it is very hard to fault.

Created by a team of DIT students as part of their major project towards an MSc. in Creative Digital Media, the app could teach many larger companies a thing or two about user experience and presentation.

Blend is available free on the Apple Store.

You can find out more on blend HERE

And you can get the app HERE

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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