#3 Ireland yet again say NO to Nokia Lumia this time its the 625.




Several networks today have confirmed the nokia lumia 625 they are meteor/emobile and vodafone.

On hearing today the 625 will be available in the uk shortly i asked all networks what was happening with the 625.

So i asked 3,already they have said no to the 1020 but not only that they have not stocked ANY lumia model since the 800.

Lots of  people wonder and ask on popular forums here in ireland why this relastionship with 3 and the nokia lumia line up.

There is two main reasons for this and the answers to that are on the forums if you use google you can find out.

3 and their ignorance to the lumia line up is simply a silly move and has left many customers in anger and have subsequently switched providers due to this carry on.Considered 3 in the uk have a different take on the lumia line up one wonders what is going on here.

The mind boggles.